Duck Life 6

Duck life 6 is a new sequel in the Duck Life series that have taken online gaming by the storm. This game is about treasure hunt and it has become even popular in the adults and children. The installment has new aspects of this game and this includes arcade adventure, better customization option, better graphics and a new game play style. Now it is time to test your skills in this adventure game packed with the latest actions.

duck life 6

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Game Play

The duckling has won a world championship, it has defeated the reign of the fire duck and the volcano had become dormant. This is a good opportunity to go for the treasure seeking for the young duckling. The duck should travel back to the volcano lands and to go into its caves to see if there are no valuable treasures that have been buried inside.

The pet shop has new unique pets which you should buy so that they can help you to explore the caves. Each one of these pets has different abilities and some may protect you against the harm while others can protect you against the attack from the enemies so that they do not harm you.

duck life 6


At the start of a game, you have to begin by choosing different options to customize the game. You can change the eyes of your duck, the clothes, hats, color and tattoos. When you start the game, you are going to see different shops and they include the clothing store and hairdresser. You will be given the gold when you explore caves and spend the gold in the shop so that you can buy new pets and new equipments.

Mechanic shop has enough of the interesting tools with other accessories which the duck will need to use within its entire adventure. The tools which you may think about buying are Gold Purifier, smart shovel, iDowsing and Tiny Wings. Tiny wings help the duck to fly faster within the cave. The iDowsing increases the chance of the duck to get the treasure chest and the smart shovel increase the chances of finding the rewards keys while the Gold Purifier will help to find high value coins. These are just some of the tools that are found in the mechanic shop.

duck life


Witch duck store has many assortments of useful tools and they can help within the travels. There are tools such as Fire Bird coin magnet, King Kong coin magnet and Golem coin magnet. These tools helps the pets to collect the coins automatically that are near them. These tools are handy within the entire exploration.

If you are tired of the look, you should spice things a little and you have to check out the clothing and hairdresser store. The stores are now packed with large selection of the accessories, clothes, colors and hairstyles and the duck will always love them.

Jet pack shop has many packs that you should buy so that you can explore the cave even much easier. The normal jetpack is going to let you skip the first 500 meters of the cave. The super jetpack lets the duck to skip 1000 meters in the cave. Besides, you may buy the combo set of the jet pack that includes the total of five jetpacks in the same categories.


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