Duck Life 1

Duck Life 1 Your farm and your home had been through a devastating tornado and it destroyed many things in the farm. You have to decide on which plan that you can use to earn the money in order to rebuild the farm and to live in a peaceful way. You should race your duck in the races and the competitions in order to get money while rebuilding the homeland in the duck life.

Game play of Duck life

In the Duck life 1, you play as owner of a large farm and when the tornado came, it destroyed everything you have worked hard to achieve including the beautiful farm and the building found on it. The only thing that was left after the tornado is a just a duck egg and it is the only thing that will help you to gain back your glory. You should raise the duckling in the award winning racing machine in order to earn the money that you need in order to build the farm again. You can compete in the small town races or the worldwide competitions.

How to play Duck life

Your duckling has to train so that it can continue to practice and to strengthen through running, swimming and flying. In order to level up with every attributes, you need to put the duckling in different training series and you need to keep an eye on the level of his energy. When the energy is low, it is not going to do well. The duckling has to feed up on regular and you have to make sure that it does.

The duckling has to be trained on daily basis and training the duck is going to improve a certain attribute which will allow you to do well in different races. If you want to train the duck to run, you should click at train running tab on a top of a screen. When you use up arrow button at the keyword, the duckling is going to train jumping and rolling over the obstacles while the ducks will be running down its path.

So that the duck can fly, you should click at Train Flying tab found on the screen. You can fly easier, press at the right or left arrow buttons found on a keyboard to make your duck to fly right or left. The duck trains to swim when you click at Train swimming tab. In order to jump the obstacles, you should press at the arrow button and to dive under them or to press at the down arrow button. You may sometime have to use the right or left arrow keys so that you may avoid different objects.

Racing is the right way that you can be able to get the coins. Each race has minimum requirements for your duckling and it has to meet them so that it can compete. The races are found in the broken difficult level, beginner, and expert, amateur or world championship together with different maps. Every map can test different skills that you should have trained the duckling with. After winning the money, you can use it to buy the duckling’s foods and hats or other items needed to customize the appearance and the skills of your duck.