Duck Life 2

Duck life 2 is the game where as a player; your aim is training young duckling so that it can be able to do things which big ducks are able to achieve. One of the things that the ducks wish to do is to swim. The ducks swims every day since they live near the water. They do have webbed feet which they use when it comes to paddle, to swim in the water and to walk across the mud. You need to begin by training the duckling about swimming.

Game Play

The first thing that the duck has to learn about is swimming. You have to keep in mind that a young duckling cannot swim. It is you who should teach it how it should swim so that it may float over the water and on the surface of the water. A duckling should cross the river and the river comes with many obstacles that are scattered in it. A duckling should swim and also should dodge different obstacles. The trainer also has to make sure that its duckling is not going to sink.


In order to train the duckling, it is important to use the navigation keys in order to help the duckling to learn how to pass obstacles or swim. When you collide with the obstacles, the duckling is going to sink or die. This is why as a trainer; you have to make sure that you dodge the obstacles. When you fail to guide a duckling around the river, then the duckling is going to sink while the game is going to restart. If this is not the case, then a new round should start so that you can start to train from the beginning.


When the duck has mastered how to swim, the next step is to teach it how it can walk over the mud. A trainer should be aware that it is good for the duckling to be able to walk over the mud instead of sinking in the mud. When the duck sinks into the mud, it is going to die. You need to use the navigation keys so that you can control how the duck moves over the mud. When the duck sinks in the mud, it stops to move and the round two is going to start once again. When the trainer is able to navigate the duckling within the mud, a second round can start again. After this, you will reach a second round.

At the third level, insects are going to be trained about how you may catch insect prey. The training is about climbing the trees and to chase the insect preys. As a trainer, you should take care of the duckling to ensure that it does not fall down trying to pursue the prey. You may use down, up, left and right keys in order to direct the movement of a duckling. The duckling can also chase the prey up to a tree and when it has touched the prey in a successful manner, the game takes to flying level. In the tree where the insects are, you may train a duckling about flying from the same tree.