Duck Life 3

Duck life 3 is a sequel to the Duck Life 2 and there are the fundamental differences in the game. The first difference is that the number of the obstacles that the duckling is going to face during its training is now even more challenging. A second difference is how the duck is going to have the same features like a human being. Another difference is that this game is going to use different starting accessories that are not found in the previous sequel as duck life.

Play Duck Life 3



The duck is half duck and half human. It implies that duckling is now evolving from previous small duckling. Now you train the duckling so that it can know how to swim, how to race and how to fly. With the number of the obstacles that have increased, the duckling needs to get the right skills that are needed to race and to achieve the next racing competition within the sequel of the next Duck life.

To be able to train your duck, you need to have the speed, accuracy and dedication. There is also a long distance that you should cover. There are many obstacles in the road and they include the potholes. In order to train the duckling, you need to use the controls keys for navigation, movement and speed. You are going to be able to move faster when you race but you cannot go too far when you are hit the obstacles. To be able to succeed with the training, you should start the training using low speed and you can increase the speed as the time passes until you are able to complete the training of your duck.


Game play

The Duck life 3 comes with new types of evolutions and ducks. When you have the new skills, the modifications of the ducks will add some free points to the training levels. The story line is about the news paper that says that a farmer was able to invent the ducks that have been genetically modified so the new breed of ducks can race.

The duckling in the Duck life 3 shows that is a half human and a half duck which means that the duckling is growing up compared to the old versions. This time, you have to train the duckling so that it can fly, race or swim. Most of the time, you will have to train it on how it should race. The racing will be done using the bike. However, there are new skills that you will need in order to train the ducks and there even more obstacles in the road.


When you start to play, you can make a choice between which duck you would like to play with. You have strength, flying, swimming and athletic types. You may have to play them for sometime so that you can be aware of what to choose. You can see different types of the ducks that you may choose from and these are the first stage of the evolution. The duck you choose may enter into different types of the competitions such as these that emphasize on flying, running or swimming. The three races are fun and they are enjoyable.