Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 is the online game which is amazing for everyone. If you are fond of free flash games, then you should try this one. This is a duck with a certain mission; it has to save the rest part of the world as it is the only one who survived. But this is impossible to be achieved unless the duck is trained accordingly.


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Starting from the very beginning every game player is strongly recommended to have a look at the main rules of the game which in fact are enclosed to the entire game and available before getting started.

Play Duck Life 5

Play Duck Life 5

If you wish to modify the duck upon your request and demand here you are given such type of possibility. Before starting the game you can see different opportunities for that, for instance, select the right color for the duck, either yellow or white. Also the hat or any detail which makes the duck different from other players and will be modified according to your taste. Also you should keep in mind that the duck needs energy in order to keep going in the race. The energy is got from the food which is seen on the screen during the entire game. The food is also vital in the racing.

Step by step you are getting familiar with the main instructions of the game and becoming more powerful and skilled. No worry if you fail during your very first attempts, you are given chance every time in order to succeed at the very end.

The duck also needs to be trained. There are different skills to be obtained if you would like to achieve the final destination. There are different levels to be passed and the instructions to be followed. As for the skills the duck has to be skilled and empowered in climbing. If you are interested in the results, the final results will be seen at the screen. This will give you possibility to strengthen your skills and get better results at each time. There are also other steps to be followed, for instance, the certain distance has to be covered and the speed is also given. Don’t quit and try your best for becoming the winner. It might seem a little bit difficult but still worth enough. Moreover you can try it several times and train the duck. If you would like to change the appearance of the duck you can perform this task on any stage of the game; even stop the play for a while and start from the very beginning. The number of the coins you have earned; will accordingly be reflected on the final results of the total game, meaning whether you need to be empowered or not. There are different type of obstacles to be met and overcome generally which need to be paid attention, despite the level and the race. This is a part of the game and as smart as you are will have impact on the achievements of the game. Enjoy your playing and be the winner of Duck Life 5!

duck life 5

The next sequel of the game duck life is similar to the previous one – duck life 4. As you will see, duck life 5 is advanced and a little bit more complicated than the previous one. Become the trainer of a clever duck in order to complete all the given categories of this game. Train the duck, let it fly and swim and as a result, take part in the race tournaments with other ducks to show off your trained skills. You are able to choose the number of your opponents – your enemy might be one duck or a team of determined birds. Do not be afraid, as after training modes, your duck will be ready for any kind of championship. Once you train your duck well, it will become the champion in flying, running and swimming races. The game duck race 5 has 6 categories. All of them require your accuracy and concentration skills, so dedicate yourself to this game and don’t forget the speed that is the most important element in a race to become the only winner. Every category is harder than the previous one, so try not to get confused with the complexity of the game.

Take part in this fun action game and enjoy 6 differently-themed areas in the fifth installment of the popular Duck Life series. You will face the difficulties on your road including turns and sharp bends. These ways are trickier to pass than they were in the previous parts. Be careful, as most players cannot overcome the first bend. Can you overtake other competitors? The fifth sequel presents complicated levels. Train your duck and overcome even the sixth category- the most challenging part of duck life 4 . Do not let other competitors pass you before your duck can reach the terminal point. In order to reach both- accuracy and speed start training at a low speed and the increase it as your proceed the game. You can use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to guide the duck. Don’t forget to collect special coins and navigating rules: in the swimming race, down and up arrows serve for jumping and diving. Remember to use special skills of your duck to pass the obstacles that might appear on your way. After you will win the six categories, you will get a special bonus award in duck life in duck life 5. So, go ahead!